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Toronto Star: Joel Plaskett joins forces with father on new ‘folkie’ album

Juno-winner Joel Plaskett teamed up with his 71-year-old dad to make Solidarity.

By Nick Patch, The Toronto Star

Joel Plaskett, left, and his dad, Bill Plaskett, teamed up for their Solidarity album and will be performing at Massey Hall in April. (J.P. MOCZULSKI / FOR THE TORONTO STAR)

When Bill Plaskett first moved his family from Halifax to Lunenburg in the 1990s, it took only a short while — social folkie that he was — before he stitched together a network in the local folk scene and started drinking in the coffee house circuit.

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Father-son team Joel and Bill Plaskett join forces through eras and music in the NP Sessions studio

By The National Post

JUNO Award-winning songwriter Joel Plaskett and his father Bill’s latest album Solidarity is the product of influence from many different eras, sources, and stages of life.

Bill wrote “No Sight Compares” in the early 1970s about a troubled relationship and signs from nature that everything would work out fine, while Joel’s “The New California” was written this past summer at a hotel in Yellowknife where “the Alpine trees and perpetual sunlight on the Great Slave Lake made me think of some magical part of California I dreamt up.” [READ MORE]

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American Songwriter Premieres Bill and Joel Plaskett’s “Blank Cheque”

By Brinley Hineman, American Songwriter

While Joel Plaskett might be a familiar name to some, as he has won multiple JUNO Awards for his songwriting and ranked frequently on the Polaris Music Prize Short List, Bill Plaskett might be a new one. That’s because Solidarity, the pair’s forthcoming LP, is Bill’s first album, an achievement he gets to share with Joel, his son.

In advance of the release, the father and son duo have shared their politically-fueled track “Blank Cheque.” “We sing of love with sadness, because this modern world is madness,” croons Joel over the folk-rock tune,

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Bill & Joel Plaskett – “The Next Blue Sky”

By Sarah Murphy, Exclaim!

Joel Plaskett and his father Bill are showcasing family Solidarity on their upcoming joint album, and they’ve just teased the upcoming release with a single titled “The Next Blue Sky.”

The new song follows the album’s previously shared title track, and Joel explains that it’s a song about the Maritime mindset of looking to the west for greener, more hopeful pastures.

“Go west, they say,” he said in a statement. “That’s been the story out east for years.

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