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Ireland: Ballydehob May 30th, Inishbofin June 1st!

Very much looking forward to returning to Ireland for a couple shows in a my favorite places and a few days of sightseeing and inspiration. If you do happen to find yourself in County Cork or on Inishbofin Island pop in for a Tullamore Dew and/or a song …

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Me, Bec and Bo

Rebecca and I were lucky enough to see Bo Diddley play Alderney Landing in Dartmouth in 2006. The show was really cool with Bo playing his hits while experimenting with weird effects pedals in ways I wasn’t expecting.

After the concert, Lori, the promoter asked if we’d like to come back stage to meet Bo. I asked my drummer, Dave, who was there with his brother Steve, if he wanted to join us. He declined but handed me his fishing license and asked if I could get Bo to sign it for him.

Becky and I were escorted backstage after the show and were told we’d have to wait until Bo finished his steak before meeting him.

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Justice for Janitors

Hey All,
There is a rally in support of the janitors at Founders Square tomorrow (April 12) at noon and I’m planning to head down to show my support. Details here. It’s a busy world we are living in and this janitors issue is complicated and easy to miss if someone doesn’t bring it to your attention like El Jones did for me a couple weeks ago. In talking with folks at the picket it became apparent how this Founders Square incident is the result of a much larger issue. Thought I’d share a few thoughts about this as it’s been on my mind and I’d love to see some changes happen in Nova Scotia so things like this don’t continue to happen.

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