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Notes from a Full Moon

Hey All,

I’m stepping away from social media to free up some space and focus more on music and spending time with family and friends. My social media accounts will still be active with information about tour dates and music but I plan to post more of my personal thoughts here. We will link from twitter when a new post goes up if you are following me there.

I’m in the midst of working on a record that I’m excited about. More on that as the year progresses but it’s looking like it will be released next spring.

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The Hermit rides again

Time to see if McGetts can still balance the bass like this. September & October Canadian tour dates on the shows page.

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Vice: An Oral History of Thrush Hermit’s ‘Clayton Park’

Rob Benvie, Cliff Gibb, Ian McGettigan, Joel Plaskett and many others on the album that should have turned the band into The Strokes.

By Cam Lindsay, Vice

In the annals of Canadian music history, Thrush Hermit were a blip on the radar in a decade ruled by Céline, Alanis, Shania, the Hip and the Barenaked Ladies. But to those who followed the Halifax band between 1992 and 1999, they were the coolest thing in Canada.

Introduced to the world as Sloan’s protégés, the Hermit were sometimes goofy, sometimes emo but always rock stars in the making,

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