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One Down, One To Go

Wow, what a great night at The Marquee last night. The all ages show was a complete sell-out and the kids were in fine voice, singing entire songs at the top of their lungs. It’s not often the band gets a chance to play for this audience and it never happens in a venue as perfectly suited for it as The Marquee Club. Thanks to the folks at the club, Chris Smith’s Pavilion crew, everyone who came to the show and to The Golden Dogs who opened the night with a killer set and made a lot of new fans in Hali…

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Thank You – and you know who you are…

Well, it’s December 28th and I’ve heard from Sam’s that there are about 8 tickets left for the all ages show on Saturday night. At this point, I’m ready to declare that show a sell-out. So, thank you to everyone who bought tickets for this weekend’s unprecedented New Year’s extravaganza, from the bottom of our frozen hearts; you will not be disappointed!

I should also tell you that there will be merch available at both shows, including limited edition, “suitable for framing” versions of Chris Smith’s fab poster designs for both these shows. We’re not greedy, so they’ll be going for $5 and –

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Uh Oh… I told you so…

I predicted that the New Year’s Eve show at the Marquee (with the fabulous Golden Dogs) would sell out on December 21st and dang if I wasn’t right! So, it’s official, the show is SOLD OUT. That means that whining and gnashing of teeth will do you no good at this late stage…

The good news – at least for the moment – is that there are still some tickets for the December 30th all ages show (also featuring the Golden Dogs) kicking around but I don’t expect those to last much past tomorrow, if that. If you’re somehow expecting to find tickets at the door or something equally cuckoo,

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New Year's Weekend Shows Update

Tickets for the two Halifax Marquee shows are selling very quickly and there are a couple of things on the ticket front that you should know…

Firstly, and the big drag, someone (waste of skin and space, I’d wager) broke into the Music Stop location in Dartmouth and made off with – among other things – our ticket cash and a number of tickets. So, if some bozo approaches you about buying some Emergency tickets for New Year’s Eve, don’t do it. We have the stolen ticket numbers and if you’ve got one of ’em, the boys in blue are going to have some questions for you…

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