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The four days of nonstop talking, no eating, no sleeping and hearing plenty of extraordinary musical talent that is known as the annual East Coast Music Awards is finally over. It was a particularly good event this year and not just because Joel and the Emergency lads took home awards for Single of the Year, DVD of the Year and Songwriter of the Year, although that was very nice too… But there’s no rest for the winners…

Joel is off immediately for the North American Folk Alliance in Memphis, Tennessee and from there will board the plane to Australia’s sunny shores.

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Tasmanian Devils

Holy smokes, it’s already February – does not the time fly? – and things are starting to heat up! Mr. Plaskett is vacationing somewhere warm and gathering strength for the launch of the new Canadian album, the soon-to-be classic, Ashtray Rock. Before I digress, I just want to make it perfectly clear that the aforementioned Ashtray Rock is an actual place, as opposed to some other mental image you might be conjuring up…

Much, much more on that front later. This is actually a post to give the world travellers amongst you (lucky dogs) an update on the Emergency’s touring plans for the land down under.

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A Little Something From the Toronto Star

Here’s an exerpt from the recent Toronto Star article on Canada’s wealth of songwriting talent as it relates to Joni Mitchell’s induction and the Canadian Songwriter’s Hall of Fame in general…

Nova Scotia rocker Joel Plaskett, who seems poised to crack the international music market in the near future, believes migration and isolation have a lot to do with the unique quality of Canadian songs.

“Immigrants brought their music from Scotland and Ireland and Europe,” he says. “And those origins are reflected in the melodies and song forms of each region of the country. They’ve stayed with us,

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East Coast Music Awards… Show.

We are happy to announce that the Joel Plaskett Emergency will be appearing on this year’s East Coast Music Awards show, live from the Halifax Metro Centre on Sunday, February 18th (CBC). The show will air in all time zones at 8 PM (8:30 in Newfoundland) so mark it on your calendars please.

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