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A 'n' E Vibe – Review

Be still my beating heart. Words cannot even describe the love I now feel for Joel Plaskett at this moment. Saturday, May 9th, 2009 will go down as one of the top five concerts I have even been to. Ever. Ridiculously talented, uniquely distinct and incredibly friendly, Joel Plaskett knows exactly how to put on a show for hardcore fans, for casual fans and for newbies alike.


Reviewed by Melanie Shim (Vancouver)
A n E Vibe

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SEE Magazine – Interview

Now, with the release of his 27-song, three-disc magnum opus Three, the full scope of Plaskett’s own eccentricities are on display — and thankfully, even his most left-field ideas are clever, chock full of melodies, and effortlessly catchy. It’s structured as a three-act travelling record, with several in-song references to other parts of the album and nearly half of the songs’ titles consisting of one word repeated three times.

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Plaskett’s Three is ‘personal, transfixing’

Published Saturday April 25th, 2009

Joel Plaskett: Three – Maple Music

Nova Scotia’s Joel Plaskett has spent the last 20 years doing what others believe cannot be done.

He fronted Thrush Hermit during the days when the Halifax scene was our own little version of the Seattle scene of the 90s. While most of his compatriots moved to bigger climes for the sake of career and market growth (case in point,

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